Meet Owen Wright, CampKeeper at the River Ranch campsite. We caught up with Owen as a part of our “Meet the CampKeeper” series, where we introduce you to the CampKeepers that make Tentrr possible.

How did you first hear about Tentrr?

I first heard about Tentrr through a friend up in Hudson. I think he runs Featherbed Land and Trust. Becoming a CampKeeper seemed like a good idea, but I didn’t jump on it as fast as I should have. After spending some time on the website, it made sense.

What drew you to the Tentrr idea?

We have spare land that wasn’t being used. It was more of an economic decision. The idea of some extra income was a no-brainer. It seemed like a logical idea. I immediately new the concept made sense, both as a host and a traveler.

How’d you decide on the actual location of the campsite?

Tentrr came out and walked us through what they wanted. We needed to have an area with privacy and a view for campers.


What do you love about your property that you like sharing with campers?

Well, I bought the property with three other friends. We looked throughout 60 mile radius of the area. We knew we wanted land with waterfront. As soon as we stepped on the property, we knew it was the one. We love to share swimming, boating, tubing, and fishing—lots of fishing.

What’s your relationship with the outdoors?

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, which by default makes one an outdoor person. Later, while living in the city, I felt like I didn’t spend enough time in nature. So my friends and I bought a place, and now I go upstate about three times a week.

How would you describe the perfect day on your property?

Perfect day begins with coffee. If you get up early enough, you always see wildlife. But then you definitely got to go down to the river and do some fishing.

What is the role of a Tentrr CampKeeper?

A CampKeeper maintains the campsite, equipment, and ideally welcomes people. I think the larger role of the CampKeeper is to create an experience that’s fun for people. Keep the place beautiful. That’s the most important thing.

Do you always greet your campers?

I try to greet the campers. I try to always get the fire going before the campers arrive. I like to let campers get settled in, and then I generally visit them in the morning and introduce myself.

What kind of experience do you want to provide for your campers?

I think the best thing I’ve found is giving the campers suggestions and leaving them to do their own thing. I give them a fishing pole or whatever they need and leave them alone. They seem to appreciate that kind of experience.


What surprised you about working with Tentrr?

It is a really simple and efficient website. Everything is thought out, which is unique for a startup. I was also really impressed by the quality of the build platform.

Are the campers respectful of the land?

From my experience, most campers leave it the way they found it. Everyone who has stayed at our campsite has been very respectful.

What do you think makes a great Tentrr campsite?

I think two things: a great view of something beautiful and some fun activities that are nearby.

What do you think the importance of camping is?

For me, it is not so much that I need to go camping, but I spent an enormous amount of time in the woods as a kid, so when I go camping I get to be a kid again. It’s great to not think about all the stress of adult life.

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