Best Camping in Pennsylvania

While Pennsylvania might bring up thoughts of steel mills, chocolate factories and the Liberty Bell, camping and glamping in Pennsylvania are all about sprawling forestland, lakes, waterfalls, and smallish (but really beautiful) mountains. Like the Poconos and the Alleghenies.

The area around Ricketts Glen State Park in Northeastern Pennsylvania offers some of our best camping in Pennsylvania and some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the state. The park itself boasts 13,000 acres spread across Sullivan, Columbia and Luzerne Counties. Hike the Falls Trail System through a string of 17 magnificent waterfalls, including the 94-foot Ganoga Falls.

Camping in Pennsylvania is an idyllic experience; the state is home to numerous scenic hiking locations and abundant wildlife. The 47-mile Mountour Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in Pennsylvania and is located in the outskirts of Pittsburgh. It traverses Allengany and Washington Counties, and offers amazing sceneries, historic tunnels, and 4-season access.

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